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Wholesale Body Jewelry & Professional Body Piercing Kits

Featured Products: 40 items
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Segment ring, 12 ga


Circular barbell with colored balls, 16 ga


14K yellow gold gemmed cherry belly button ring


2 gauge gleam taper


Acrylic dice straight barbell, 14 ga


Titanium curved barbell with colored balls, 16 ga


Silver Nose Bone with Pink Gem


Colored cone lip hugger, 14 ga


Sterling Silver Earrings with official licensed pewter NFL Charm, San Francisco 49Ers


Titanium anodized segment ring, 10 ga


Sterling silver nose stud with 1.5mm round gem, 20 ga


Captive Bead Ring with Skull And Handcuffs, 14 Ga


Dr. Piercing's After Care™


Jeweled navel ring with dangling uzi gun


10 gauge barbell


Pair Of Spinner Double Flare Steel Tunnels


Cat eye ball lip hugger, 14 ga


Celtic Knot with Paved Gems Dangle Surgical Steel Navel Ring


Acrylic pill tongue ring, 14 ga


14K Yellow Gold Belly Ring with Dangling Rainbow Skull


Wire captive bead ring, 14 ga


Industrial straight barbell with bullet, 14 ga


Spring wire captive ring, 8 ga


Stainless steel cartilage straight barbell with shield, 16 ga


Pair Of US Military Logo Print Inlayed Black Acrylic Saddle Plugs


14K White Gold nose screw with round cubic zirconia, 20 ga


Belly button ring with jeweled flower dangle


Star plug, 2 ga


Pair Of Organic Wood Saddle Plugs with Green Eyeball


14K Gold straight barbell, 18ga


Transparent acrylic captive bead ring, 6 ga


Pair Of Heart Shaped Red Jasper Natural Stone Saddle Plugs


Pair Of Surgical Steel Screw Fit Hollow Tunnels with Multi-Gemmed Rim


Straight barbell with epoxy striped balls, 14 ga


Gold Tone captive bead, 8 ga


14K Yellow Gold Belly Button Ring with Pronged Red Heart


Straight helix barbell with dangling red jeweled cuff , 16 ga


14K yellow gold navel ring with two jeweled hearts


Pair Of Organic Buffalo Horn Saddle Tunnels


American Pride Logo Belly Ring



How To Choose Body Piercing Supplies

When explaining to someone how to choose body piercing supplies, you need to make sure they understand the importance of sterility and never reusing any of the supplies unless they have a specialized sterilizer. There are many items you can get that are disposable and don't have to be reused. You always want to be able to prevent cross contamination of any kind. This is why it is so important to choose your body piercing supplies from a reputable dealer. Research your choices and ask other piercing businesses to find out who the best supplier is to get your piercing items. They may point you in a direction you never thought would be good.

If you don't specialize in specific piercings, you may be able to keep you costs down by buying in bulk for the one to four piercings you will be performing. Many piercing businesses use disposable supplies because a sterilizer is very expensive, but it may be worth it in the long run if your business is booming. Sterilization is the number one priority to strive for when you are working with people.

You will need to choose whether you will be using a gun or a long needle for your piercings. It is what you feel most comfortable using. You can find many different styles on line and locally in your town. With needles, you must make sure you get a wide range of gauge sizes. For instance, ears are usually 18 to 20 gauge, while other piercings can use from a 00 to a 20 gauge. Make sure you have the right size for the right job. Don't use a navel piercing needle for an eyebrow.

When choosing earrings, nose rings, eyebrow rings, or belly rings, you should look at what is offered and attempt to get a wide selection. Many people like anything and everything, so make sure you have good choice of jewelry. The most common metal to get is gold, while titanium is also becoming popular these days. Silver is said to cause reactions and skin problems in some people. Have plain and ornate type rings for the consumer to choose. Not only will you sell more, but you will be known as someone who caters to every style out there today.

Other items you may want to include may come in packs from different suppliers. They may have a discount when you buy in bulk. Some of these items may include alcohol wipes, hemostats, piercing corks, different sizes of forceps and clamps, and some pliers. If you can get them as disposable, it is even better. You won't have to worry about contamination this way. You should never reuse any instruments on another person before they are sterilized or thrown away.

Choosing a supplier for body piercing equipment can be as simple as looking on line or in the phone book. Ask other piercers who they use and recommend. Go visit the shops and see how they are set up. Is the shop clean and user friendly? Sometimes you will find what you need on your first try, sometimes it takes visits to three or four different places to compare what you need with what you can afford. So take your time and get the best deal for yourself while maintaining safety and sterility. That is the most important thing to remember in the piercing business.


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